Pandharpur is a Spiritual Temple in Maharashtra which has a huge following. During annual Pandharpur Yatra (Pilgrimage)  millions of people visit and worship Lord Vitthal and Rukmini. Well I visited this temple on 11th February 2017.



Vithoba Temple Pandharpur

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So rainy season had started and we were planning for quick trek to some nearby fort. After some googling we shortlisted Rohida fort also called Vichitragad as our trek plan on 23rd July 2016. This fort is near bhor about 65km from Pune. Rohida is accessible by state transport bus which has good connectivity till Bhor from Pune swargate bus stand, but we prefer to have a bike ride till the base village Bajarwadi. The trekking path starts from the hillock west of the Bajarwadi Highschool. The route is very safe and wide. There are no trees on the trekking route.

Rohida Fort

Rohida Fort

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Many a times we come across a business case where we need to add multiple markers to Google Map. When markers added on map cross a thousand mark it slows down Google Map big time. In order to handle this scenario, I came up with my custom approach which I have tested with about 10000 points on the map.

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Validation are utmost important part of a software product. It is important to validate the data that is going into the system at each and every layer. By each and every layer I mean it is important to have validation in place on client side, server-side and even database level.

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In order to convert newlines (replace \r\n with \n) across all varchar and nvarchar fields in a database below is the simple query that will be helpful to generate queries to update the data in table.

select 'update ' + + '.' + + ' set ' + + ' = REPLACE(REPLACE(' + + ', CHAR(13), ''''), CHAR(10), '')'
from sys.columns c
inner join sys.systypes st
on c.system_type_id = st.xtype
and CHARINDEX('varchar', <> 0
inner join sys.tables t
on c.object_id = t.object_id
inner join sys.schemas sc
on t.schema_id = sc.schema_id



So in the fast pace world where daily a new invention is taking place, it is also challenging to keep up with the pace with the technology. There were days and when Web Services (created in .Net) were meant for being consumed by say a Client Web Application or desktop application. Now a days with more and more platform scaling up its important to have a service which can be used cross platform. Which I basically mean that a service once created can be consumed by Web Application, Android App, iOS App, Windows Mobile App, etc. In order to make this happen, I know you all are aware up till now that json is the apt to be used. So what’s new over here !!!

Well just creating service is not mere enough for having a good scalable Web API Service, one should have a good architecture in place which will make like easy to maintain our service in the long run.

Here are few must have components which are essentials for a Web API service.

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Isn’t the above view tempting !!!! Surely. And the good thing is that the season is just about to start. Leh Ladakh tour is a dream for every adventure enthusiast and the time is ripe when you would secretly wish this year I would make this tour possible.

It’s time everyone would/should be wearing their thinking cap, do all the analysis in the world to make their Leh Ladakh Tour a success. One should definitely work upon his plan before going to Leh Ladakh, but mind you Plan A, will not work always, one has to have Plan B, C, D, …. As well. Well, this is the place where one should have pre planning but on spot decision are very critical indeed.

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Its been Viral out there !!!! All over the internet on Facebook, Twitter, News Channels, Radio … all over the place … Its been like all of India woke up today early in the morning just to buy the smart phone at a price of 251/-

Read More to know in 6 points which certainly make you think it is definitely something fishy into it.

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What do you do when in the midst of October, when the sun is bright and the wind is hot, your girlfriends come up with the idea to go on a Vacation! Obviously you say yes! Most of the impromptu plans that you ever make, leave your soul calm and fulfilled. So based on the safety aspect (all girls trip) and proximity from Bangalore and Pune, we came down to deciding to go to Mangalore. If not anything just for a few days with each other!

As we looked for the tickets just 2 weeks in advanced, we were quite surprised that we could get some on one of the train in Ladies Quota. So we were soon boarded with luggage, maps, plans and ideas.

We started from Bangalore by Kannur Express. Well it started on time, and reached by the Indian Railway Timing around 3 hours late. A special mention for the Auto Driver who took us to the Vazco Beach Resort, Someshwara. The GPS had been trying our patience and after a million lefts and rights, he asked the locals in Mangalorean Kannada, “These girls don’t know where they are going, please help them” and as one of our friends translated it to us we couldn’t stop laughing. We finally reached the resort. It was a very warm place, with a set of perfect hosts for the hotel staff and we enjoyed thoroughly. We were excited to find there was a private beach just linked to the resort where we all sat and relaxed for a while.

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