Dynamically Creating Tabs in WPF

Posted: April 22, 2013 by Sagar Wasule in Asp.Net, Programming Concepts, WPF
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In one of my recent project which I undertook I had to create tabs dynamically in WPF.  The idea is that the user selects a menu item and a tab is created and populated with a user control.  Like so many things, WPF makes this easy.  The thing I struggled with the most was getting the user control to display when the first tab was created.  Below is a function that takes a user control and tab name, creates a tab, and shows it to the user.

Code for the above scenario is below :

/// Create a new tab, populate it with the passed in user control,
/// and display it to the user.
/// UserControl to populate the tab with
/// Name of the tab
public void AddDetail(UserControl detail, string name)
// locate the TabControl that the tab will be added to
TabControl itemsTab = (TabControl) this.FindName("ItemsTab");

// create and populate the new tab and add it to the tab control
TabItem Tab1 = new TabItem();
Tab1.Content = detail;
Tab1.Header = name;

// display the new tab to the user; if this line is missing
// you get a blank tab
itemsTab.SelectedItem = Tab1;

This explains adding a new tab in tabcontrol but if you want to delete any particular tab from tabcontrol the code that can be used for the same will be :


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