Weekend Tour to Dapoli Beach

Posted: January 18, 2014 by Sagar Wasule in Beach, Travel
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If you have a few friends who enjoy being in picturesque places, with cool air and a hilly beach, dapoli just goes at the top of the list. This description summarizes the whole experience we had. Just 6 hours drive from Pune/ Mumbai, this small village has a beauty of its own. Just 20 mins to the west, It has a series of beaches by the side of small hills, making it a treat for nature lovers.



How to reach:

Murud is around 247 Kms from Bandra, Mumbai. It takes around 6 hours and the road goes through quite a hilly region. Other options available are by bus, Maharashtra state transport runs busses from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur through here. By train nearest station is Khed, 40 Kms from Dapoli.

Where to stay:

There are quite a few resorts on the way, offering beach views. You have very popular kamath beach resort, but highly recommended finding a non commercialized bungalow or guest house, as it is not that costly.

What to eat:

Konkan famous for its malwani preparations, worth trying, the food in Dapoli is good and much to everyone likes. Solkadhi topped the charts in our demand list. It is a treat for fish and prawn lovers, fish fry and fresh prawn chilly are delicious. Amba poli is a delicacy in this region.

So we had our weekend trip starting on 11th Jan 2014 from Mumbai. I will describe the place with the tour itinerary we had for our tour.

Weekend trip starting Saturday

8:30 AM – Started from Bandra, Mumbai.

2:00PM – Reached Dapoli, had lunch.

3:30PM – Soon we started, heading towards fixed first destination as the Ganpati Mandir, just to be tempted to stop at this lovely first view of the beach. Just on the roadside but secluded, it was just the place, us and camera. We got to see the sand art made as crabs try to make small homes in upper layers of the sand. The cold water from the waves, mild sun and cool air made our day.






Small Creek

5:00PM – Well, we didn’t head next straight towards the temple, rather as we move through the hills on a wonderful road; we took a stop to watch the sunset. On the hill, the grass yellow, shining brightly in the orange of the setting sun, ahead the blue water waves and the lush green palm trees, made us feel serene and beautiful.





6:30 PM – Kadyavarcha ganpati Mandir, Anjarle: To get here, we have to cross Anjarle creek which is a food for the eyes. A small ganpati mandir at the hill top, constructed in 1150AD in wooden pillars is a place for all spiritual people, put your heads down and pray, the spirituality comes from within. Just next to it is shiv mandir. Heading away from the temple is a road that leads to Harne beach through the small village and the fish market.

7:30 PM – Harne Beach: Note this beach is not for vegetarians who cannot tolerate the smell of sea food. This place is a commercial fishing spot in Dapoli area. Adjoining is a fish market, where you can buy your share of fresh fishes, surmayi, pompret,prawns and lobsters. Yummy!! We happen to catch the night glimpse of this place; the ships docked at the yard were looking like a series of jewels in the sea. Also, offering a view of the sea fort Suvarnadurga Fort of Shivaji Maharaj era, near this beach. You can catch small boats from local fisherman at harne beach that take you to the fort in day light, no commercial ferries are available.



9:00PM – After dinner, we went back to the bungalow and had a bonfire. It was actually nice having a bungalow to ourselves, loud music, and crazy friends marked the day as remarkable.


6:30 AM: Murud Beach :It is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in Konkan Region. Main attraction for this place is dolphin spotting and water sports. For water crazy people (who are rather scared of the sports), recommended to visit this place early in the morning before the action on all sports begins, you will view a pristine view of the beach.  You can easily spend a full day here.



Dolphin spotting:  Early morning the dolphins come near to sea shore to play around in the water, a moment you don’t want to miss. Local ferry are available to take you 1.5- 2Kms from the coast, water depth 80ft, a little patience and you will just spot 1-2 dolphins swaying around in their own mood, ignoring so many people eager to watch them. Timing Morning 7AM to Maximum 9AM, after that chance of spotting a dolphin is rare. It is all at a cost of 150rs per head, totally worth it. While waiting for dolphins, we happen to catch the sunrise, good news for the new camera of travelcodingnmore.



Water sports: All sports are available, para-sailing- both by jeep and boats and ATV’s being the main attraction. Though the cost was a bit high, but common you are on a holiday and its worth spending a few dimes. Other sports available are bumper ride, banana ride, Jet Skiing.



12:30PM – The stop for lunch, before leaving for Mumbai, a small restaurant giving the view of small hill. We decided to go on trek with our beach slippers, once on top there was a temple made of stones dedicated to goddess. Once on top to another hill, we caught the breathtaking view of the Hundreds of Seagulls flocking the unmanned beach, simply serene.



3:00PM – Pressed for time, as we always are in such kind of trips, we headed back.

10:30PM – Back to Mumbai.

Places to visit in Dapoli:

As described above we enjoyed mostly on Murud beach, Harnai Beach (Fish Market), and Anjarle (Ganpati temple). If you have time on your side you can explore more on this beautiful destination. Below are some more places where you can visit,

Suvarnadurg: Island fort off the coast of Harnai Beach. You can take a boat to this fort.

Panhalekaji Ancient, rock cut caves believed to be more than a thousand years old are a treat to architecture lovers. There are around 29 caves here which are are located on the banks of the “Kotjai” river.

Unhavare: You can bathe in this natural Hot water spring

Karde Beach: Same as Murud beach this is another pristine beach of Dapoli which is less commercialized as compared to Murud Beach.

All you need to make weekend trip to Dapoli successful, a bunch of crazy people, lots of clothes so that you can get wet whenever you want, some foodies and a camera. Hope you had fun reading it. Happy outdoor weekends!!

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