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In this article I will provide you with a quick reference in order to create proxy file in ASP.Net.

Here we will be using svcutil.exe provided by .Net framework to create proxy file at the specified location.



1. Abbreviation: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator
2. Meaning: URL is a subset of URI that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it.Mechanism actually means one of the protocol schemes (e.g., http, ftp, file, mailto) provided by URI.
3. Examples:
• http:/
Here, http is the protocol, is the domain name, MyApp is the folder name, Index.aspx is the filename
Here http is the protocol, is the domain name, articles is the folder name and default.aspx is the file name


1. Abbreviation: URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier
2. Meaning: A URI is a superset of URL that identifies a resource either by location (URL), or a name(URN), or both (URL and URN).
• /some/page.html

I always heard from many people say Mumbai doesn’t sleep and always wondered what makes this city so unique, what makes this city so lively even in the darkest hour of the day. Well I must say this tour certainly answered my some questions. With your crazy friends around, you tend to do crazy things. That is when this plan popped up – a night out.
Night out you may be thinking that is just like some another night with friends, yes it was but the uniqueness of this night out was to explore Mumbai by the Night and explicitly enjoy by the sea-shore at marine drive was truly an awesome experience.

MarineDrive by Dawn


Situated in the heart of the city amid a busy road this temple is unique in its own way.

Dashabhuja Ganpati

Dashabhuja Ganpati Temple

When I say unique I mean this Ganpati idol is one of the rare idol which face towards south direction. Also Ganpati’s trunk turns towards right rather than usual left which is considered as auspicious.