Its been Viral out there !!!! All over the internet on Facebook, Twitter, News Channels, Radio … all over the place … Its been like all of India woke up today early in the morning just to buy the smart phone at a price of 251/-

Read More to know in 6 points which certainly make you think it is definitely something fishy into it.


Fishy Point 1.

Technically below are few components used compared to its equivalent with its market price,


Component Freedom 251 Equivalent Component Price Reference Links
8 Gb Internal Memory + 1 Gb RAM 8 Gb Memory Card 105
1450 mAH Battery 2600 mAH Battery 149
1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor arduiNo uNo r3 controller Processor 459
4” Screen qHD IPS 16 X 2 LCD Display 145×2-LCD-Display/dp/B00OVY28M4
Total 858


Even after we consider 50% margins this cost will be 429 which is way above 251/- as promised. Which really smells something fishy. These are only few components that I have considered, there are many such components which when considered will pull the cost up.

LCD display considered is nowhere close to a IPS display still the cost doesn’t match the estimate.

Even after any amount of mass production happening this calculation really won’t be able to accommodate cost of phone in 251/-

Fishy Point 2.

The company which is named as its manufacturer doesn’t list the phone on its website:


Fishy Point 3.

Too many customer complaints against the company, this doesn’t give confidence to the consumer


Reference :


Fishy Point 4.

Company just registered 6 months’ back, from where did they produced such a technology to build a smart phone in 251/- just in 6 months !!!


Reference : MCA Website

Fishy Point 5.

How much money will they make before someone realize the gamble, as per their website, they plan to sell 5,00,000 smart phones at 251/-

Money generated: 5,00,000 X 251 = 12,55,00,000 i.e. Rs 12.55 Cr.

Fishy Point 6.

The Website developer’s site is unavailable.


All the points above really make me think, there is definitely something fishy about this !!!!

Please consider this is a public service announcement. It’s almost impossible for a smart phone to be sold at Rs. 251.

Even after these all speculations and hype if they are committed to deliver the product with best of its quality and customer satisfaction, hats off to the people who have worked hard to make this a success.

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