Isn’t the above view tempting !!!! Surely. And the good thing is that the season is just about to start. Leh Ladakh tour is a dream for every adventure enthusiast and the time is ripe when you would secretly wish this year I would make this tour possible.

It’s time everyone would/should be wearing their thinking cap, do all the analysis in the world to make their Leh Ladakh Tour a success. One should definitely work upon his plan before going to Leh Ladakh, but mind you Plan A, will not work always, one has to have Plan B, C, D, …. As well. Well, this is the place where one should have pre planning but on spot decision are very critical indeed.

Here in this post I will share some tips and suggestion which will be helpful for the adventure enthusiast planning their Leh Ladakh tour. 

  1. Planning: I already mentioned this, be spontaneous in your decision. This is the place where it will not go as per plan, you will have to your alternate plans and spontaneous decision ready at time.
  2. Attitude: Have a positive attitude, not all but there is definitely an effect of high altitude which bring anxiety and dizziness due to Altitude Sickness. Make sure you don’t give and enjoy the tour, at the same time make sure you are keeping a good health. Take proper rest and drink plenty of water. Do a thorough analysis of Altitude Sickness and be prepared to tackle on runtime.
  3. Best time to Visit: Well the best time to visit Leh Ladakh is from May to Early September. In a separate article I will describe in detail about the seasons in Leh Ladakh. [ToDo]
  4. Temperature: Temperature changes here drastically, it completely depends upon the season which you are travelling, providing the details of the same when I went during 1st week of Aug 2015, I was able to experience all the 3 season during all the days of my stay. In the morning it would be pleasant cool atmosphere, moving on in afternoon it would be hot as much that you can have a skin burn, in the evening I encountered rains.
  5. Clothing: As described in the Temperature above, I would recommend to have clothing according to the same. I did carry woollen as well as rain coats. Also keep good sun cream and sunglasses to protect you from harsh sun during afternoon.
  6. Money Matters: In Leh City you can find banks such as State Bank of India, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank and Axis Bank have placed their ATM machine. While other places the number are very few.
  7. Communication: There are a few STD booths available which operate by 10pm in the market area of Leh City. Prepaid mobile connection is not workable in J&K state, you should have a postpaid connection from Airtel or BSNL. Even though the connectivity is pretty bad and you may experience several call drops.
  8. Transportation: There are taxis available which include Innova, Mahindra, Scorpio, Xylo, Toyota, Tata Grande. There are several mini deluxe buses, availability. The local drivers are well-mannered and well acquainted with all the tourist sites in the region.
  9. Travel: Leave Early!!! When you are travelling from one location to other it’s important to leave early in the morning. Whenever travelling make sure you have one day of reserve food such as snacks biscuits, etc in case you got stuck.
  10. Fuel: Make sure you have ample reserve fuel in your vehicle a day before. There is a possibility of fuel shortage at times. The fuel stations are also limited. It’s better to have the extra can of fuel apart from fuel tank in your vehicle.

Here we came across some tips and suggestions which will be helpful for your preparation to your great ladakh tour. Wish you a great adventure tour.

In case I have missed out any point do provide them in the comments so that it would be helpful for enthusiastic adventure lovers of this tour.

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