About Travel Coding n Lots More

In this world we have myriad experiences. These experiences make us better learners as they move on to become better teachers.
As Soren Kierkegaard says-
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
So in this blog I bring to you my backwards(experience) which can be helpful for some in their forwards.

Travelling is an adventure, a discovery of inner self, the more you explore smaller things get deeper meaning. This blog brings to you my personal experience of Travelling to Various Places. I am based in Pune, India, Professionally a Software Engineer fond of coding and travelling whenever I can sneak out some time from work schedule.
In coding perspective, I will share the codes which I found useful while implementation in any of my projects , for starters scope will be limited to Asp.NET, MVC , C# , javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS.
Internet is a boon for progress of technology and knowledge shared is knowledge earned. While Browsing through net we come across many such articles or information which is useful for us. I will share the information I obtained from any such resources. Even I will add up my POC or dummy projects which I create in due course of implementing a functionality of any project.
With time, I will add up more to the blog and try to share the knowledge and enrich the experience for my readers.
Please Note : The information shared here is completely open source, any information obtained on this site can be used by anyone with or without my prior consent.

Learn and Share … Enjoy .. Happy Coding

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