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Validation are utmost important part of a software product. It is important to validate the data that is going into the system at each and every layer. By each and every layer I mean it is important to have validation in place on client side, server-side and even database level.


So in the fast pace world where daily a new invention is taking place, it is also challenging to keep up with the pace with the technology. There were days and when Web Services (created in .Net) were meant for being consumed by say a Client Web Application or desktop application. Now a days with more and more platform scaling up its important to have a service which can be used cross platform. Which I basically mean that a service once created can be consumed by Web Application, Android App, iOS App, Windows Mobile App, etc. In order to make this happen, I know you all are aware up till now that json is the apt to be used. So what’s new over here !!!

Well just creating service is not mere enough for having a good scalable Web API Service, one should have a good architecture in place which will make like easy to maintain our service in the long run.

Here are few must have components which are essentials for a Web API service.


In this article I will provide you with a quick reference in order to create proxy file in ASP.Net.

Here we will be using svcutil.exe provided by .Net framework to create proxy file at the specified location.


This article will explain you how to convert a MVC3 application to MVC4 application in Visual Studio.


On high level the changes mostly are with respect to web.config and the dll that are included in our project.

ASP.NET MVC 4 can be installed side by side with ASP.NET MVC 3 on the same computer, which gives you flexibility in choosing when to upgrade an ASP.NET MVC 3 application to ASP.NET MVC 4.


This scenario occured to me when the data returned from a WebMethod was huge. The WebMethod would return the data from its scope but in ajax call the response was accepted in error block. This ajax call was written in Extjs. The plugin used for ExtJs was 4.1



So here is a post which I came across while I was doing development in MVC 3 Razor Engine. In this article you will find the simplest way to create your first ASP.NET MVC application. This is a tutorial for absolute beginners to ASP.NET MVC. The only prerequisite for following this tutorial is that you know how to use Visual Studio, and understand HTML and C# syntax. Also, I will show you briefly how you can use some jQuery plug-ins so it would be helpful if you know some jQuery syntax. If you are not familiar with jQuery, it is not a problem, you can just skip those parts because they are optional enhancements.


Hi evereyone I’m back with a new post, here I had a requirement for displaying digital clock on my WPF application so have done some development with that respect.

The code for the same is written below:

Dynamically Creating Tabs in WPF

Posted: April 22, 2013 by Sagar Wasule in Asp.Net, Programming Concepts, WPF
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In one of my recent project which I undertook I had to create tabs dynamically in WPF.  The idea is that the user selects a menu item and a tab is created and populated with a user control.  Like so many things, WPF makes this easy.  The thing I struggled with the most was getting the user control to display when the first tab was created.  Below is a function that takes a user control and tab name, creates a tab, and shows it to the user.