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Here’s a list of sources of information for the different elements that comprise the 70-480 exam:

General Resources This is the complete source for video coverage of the exam, including information on the followup exam for building Windows Store apps with HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Go to the site to get a free voucher code to take the exam while supplies last! (As pointed out in David Pallmann’s blog.)

I found blog which is similar to what I was about to mention in this blog. (Yes, this isn’t free, but if you look at the course listing there is an entire section on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. You can always try the trial!)

(update): (This sample set includes a lot of information about both the 70-480 as well as 70-481)

Some of the links I put below will overlap with the other resources above, but I tried to find explanations that looked beneficial to me on links outside those already mentioned.