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So in the fast pace world where daily a new invention is taking place, it is also challenging to keep up with the pace with the technology. There were days and when Web Services (created in .Net) were meant for being consumed by say a Client Web Application or desktop application. Now a days with more and more platform scaling up its important to have a service which can be used cross platform. Which I basically mean that a service once created can be consumed by Web Application, Android App, iOS App, Windows Mobile App, etc. In order to make this happen, I know you all are aware up till now that json is the apt to be used. So what’s new over here !!!

Well just creating service is not mere enough for having a good scalable Web API Service, one should have a good architecture in place which will make like easy to maintain our service in the long run.

Here are few must have components which are essentials for a Web API service.