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What do you do when in the midst of October, when the sun is bright and the wind is hot, your girlfriends come up with the idea to go on a Vacation! Obviously you say yes! Most of the impromptu plans that you ever make, leave your soul calm and fulfilled. So based on the safety aspect (all girls trip) and proximity from Bangalore and Pune, we came down to deciding to go to Mangalore. If not anything just for a few days with each other!

As we looked for the tickets just 2 weeks in advanced, we were quite surprised that we could get some on one of the train in Ladies Quota. So we were soon boarded with luggage, maps, plans and ideas.

We started from Bangalore by Kannur Express. Well it started on time, and reached by the Indian Railway Timing around 3 hours late. A special mention for the Auto Driver who took us to the Vazco Beach Resort, Someshwara. The GPS had been trying our patience and after a million lefts and rights, he asked the locals in Mangalorean Kannada, “These girls don’t know where they are going, please help them” and as one of our friends translated it to us we couldn’t stop laughing. We finally reached the resort. It was a very warm place, with a set of perfect hosts for the hotel staff and we enjoyed thoroughly. We were excited to find there was a private beach just linked to the resort where we all sat and relaxed for a while.